The Biennial Starlight Auction

Thank you all – families, auction committee leads, teachers, staff, volunteers, underwriters, and the teams of people who made the Starlight Auction 2015 possible. We hope you had fun, saw friends, made new friends, and enjoyed being part of this Pacific Crest School celebration. Congratulations!

Funds raised exceeded expectations, with 250 attendees helping to raise over $150,000 to support the school. We blew past school records for bidding wars for the coveted classroom projects and an epic Raise the Paddle which generated $48,000 toward teacher and staff Professional Development.  

This spring a large number of our teachers will be attending the Association Montessori International (AMI) and North American Montessori Teachers' Association (NAMTA) conferences, all due to our community's generous Raise the Paddle donations. We look forward to sharing with you the valuable lessons these teachers return with, as well as integrating these new ideas into the classroom curriculum.

Thank you ALL for an incredible evening and a reminder of what a truly amazing community we have at Pacific Crest School.


Auction Committee Leads

  • Seonaidh Davenport (Content Chair)
  • Tiffany Volosin (Finance & Registration Co-Chair)
  • Tucker Stevens (Finance & Registration Co-Chair)
  • Andrea Gennotti (Event Co-Chair)
  • Keri Sliger (Event Co-Chair and Development Director)
  • Mary Campbell (Auction Co-Chair and Staff Liaison)
  • Eliza Hurlbut (Board Liaison)
  • Alison Maitland Scheetz (Volunteer Coordinator)
  • Hauke Gentzkow (Event Design, Web, Lighting & AV)
  • Leanne Markle (Promotion Design & Production)
  • Sasha Nosecchi (Procurement Chair)
  • Wendy Johnson (Procurement)
  • Lisabeth Bull (Procurement and Teacher/Staff Support)
  • Charlotte Simmonds (Procurement and Advertising)
  • Laura Maloney (Catalog Copyediting)
  • Laura Skiles Bundy (Classroom Projects Chair)
  • Annette and John Dempcy (Classroom Projects)
  • Manuela Fischer (Classroom Projects)
  • Richard Royal (Classroom Projects)
  • Gwyn Schneider (Classroom Project Books)
  • Kimberly Evans (Inventory & Silent Auction Setup)
  • Julia Chen (Inventory & Silent Auction Setup)
  • Jessica Hermsen (Print Layout & Catalog)
  • Jen Costigan (Close Out Co-Chair)
  • Anna Mansbridge (Close Out Co-Chair)
  • Shoshanna Press (Food, Live Auction)
  • Martha Obenauer (Party Walls, Flowers)
  • Kip Beelman (Photography, Video Production)
  • Tracy Hasenkamp (Placards)
  • Koshtra Tolle (Load In/Load Out Chair)
  • Kathryn Burgomaster (Gallery Display)
  • Tina Lilley (Data Chair)
  • Laura Ray (Copy Writing)
  • Lisa Traxler (Bar)
  • Erika Nedderman (Decor)
  • Wanda Creitz (Wine Grab)
  • Tim Tucker (Class Projects)