May is Bike to School Month!

Bike to School Month is time to showcase the benefits of biking and encourage students to give biking a try for the first time!  Biking helps us reduce our carbon footprint, engage with our neighbors, get exercise and feel energized.  Bike to School programs are a way to foster life-long healthy habits for the whole family.  Starting the school day with kid-powered transportation ensures that children are awake and ready to learn. We are in the 4rd year of own program here at Pacific Crest and invite you to join in on this month long celebration. May is also the time for Cycles in Nature, a bicycle program involving our Middle School students. 


Bike Checks: Friday, May 5th 2:30-4 in the Big Room.Volunteers will be on hand to inspect and adjust your bikes so they are in tip top shape! Grease up your chains, Get your tires filled, Check your brakes, Adjust your shifters, Adjust your seat height etc.

National Bike to School Day May 10th -

Pacific Crest Bike and Walk to School Day Wednesday May 17th - Bike trains, walking school bus and celebration

Bike Trains throughout the month lead by parent volunteers




For the month of May, parent and student volunteers will be running bike trains to school. A bike train is an organized group made up of children and adults who ride their bikes to and from school along an established route. It’s a great way to give biking to school a try, especially if you aren’t the most confident cyclist yourself. 

Bike Trains and Walking School Bus for 2017

Bike trains and a walking schools will be running throughout May thanks to parent volunteers. Take a look at the schedules and find a train or bus near you.  If you would like to catch a train or bus, please contact the parent listed before showing up, so that those parents can plan accordingly. Please also be aware that parents must ride or walk along with their child unless other arrangements have been made with the train or bus leader.  

More trains may be added for May 10th and 17th so stay tuned!  Questions contact Ellen Butzel-


PCS Walking School Bus

  • Runs: Fridays, plus May 17th
  • Leaves: 7:50 from Nunes-Ueno home, 957 NW 64th
  • Leader: Elsa Nunes-Ueno (206) 422-2189

Cafe Bambino 405 NW 65th St

  • Wednesday May 17th
  • Leaves: 8:15
  • Leader: Emilie Sandoz-Voyer(773) 633-8875

NW 58th Street Greenway Train

  • Runs: Tuesdays and Fridays
  • Leaves: 8 am from Obenauer Home, 2838 NW 58th St
  • Leaders: Tiffany and Aaron Volosin (206)779-2806, (206) 850-0337
  • Additional Contacts: Wanda Creitz, Mark Peterson, Chris Hibbard 

Salmon Bay Park Train

  • Runs: Wednesdays
  • Leaves: 7:50 am, Salmon Bay Park, corner of 19th Ave NW and NW Sloop St
  • Leaders: Ellen Butzel (206) 910-7256, Mark Ruebel  (206) 890-7301
  • Additional Contacts: Rich Cook, Chris Hibbard

NE Seattle Special Bike to School Train

  • Runs: May 17th
  • Leaves: TBD by leaders
  • Leaders: Cristina Martinez (507) 269-8789, Rafael Santana (507) 261-8777,  Peter Graham (843)323-8407

Whittier Heights Train

  • Runs: Tuesdays and Fridays, plus May 17th
  • Leaves: 8 am, 606 NW 76th St Pocket Park
  • Leaders: Rich Cook (Tuesday) (206) 999-4041, (Friday) Dan Rough (206)419-4056, Bonnie Rough (206) 890-0544


  • Bike – tires inflated, chain on, brakes functioning
  • Basic Bike Skills to ride on street – If cycling to school is new to you and/or your child, please get a little practice on bike handling and traffic safety skills or join the bike rodeo THIS SUNDAY (May 1st) at West Woodland Elementary School (see below)
  • Helmet – required under King County Law! Correct helmet fitting information is here:
  • Lock – please be sure your bike is secured for the day.



Are you curious about family biking and/or electric bikes? Wish you had the perfect setup to participate in May's Bike-to-School activities? Several Seattle bike shops (and one fabulous nonprofit) offer rentals tailored to your family’s needs, allowing you to give the bike life a solid try! Here are some recommended local organizations and shops for family biking and e-bikes: 

Familybike Seattle (nonprofit with a great stable of rental bikes and a mission to “decrease barriers to biking for families of all income levels”)

G&O Family Cyclery (Greenwood)

Electric Lady Bicycles (Capitol Hill)

Seattle Electric Bike (Ballard) 

Seattle E-bike (SoDo)

More bike rental information can be found at


General Bike to School Contact Information:

Ellen Butzel 206-910-7256