Board of Trustees

The Pacific Crest community would like to thank Mark Peterson, Danny McGregor and Dana Hovig for their service to our school as board members.

Mark for his 3.5 years of work on the Farm and Finance Committees. Danny for his 2 years of leadership of the Development Committee and for his diligence and execution on the Finance Committee. Dana for his guidance in Succession Planning and expertise on the Finance Committee.

Thank you all for your dedication to PCS and the spirit you bring to the work.


Our Board of Directors is comprised primarily of former and current Pacific Crest parents all of whom share a passion for Montessori Education and a true affection for Pacific Crest. The Board of Directors launched a five-year Strategic Plan in the 2007–2008 school year. The strategic initiatives identified in the plan guide the work of the Board and the Pacific Crest community.