March 23rd, 7pm, at AXIS Pioneer Square. Cocktails at 6:30!


Starlight Auction 101

Who: Pacific Crest parents, alumni, teachers, staff members, and guests, are invited to attend!
What: The major community event that raises funds supporting the education of your child(ren).
When: Friday, March 23, 6:30-11:00 pm
Where: Axis, an amazing gallery and event space formerly known as Elliott Bay Book Company. 308 1st Avenue South, Seattle, WA 98104.
How: All families contribute items, time, and tickets to help to make it happen, each in their own preferred way. At the event, there will be a half hour for social time, raffles, time to bid in the silent auction, party walls, and Almost Live Auctions, then the Live Auction.

Procurement: The first phase of preparation, during which members of the auction team hound everyone to donate to the cause. Every family contributes at least one item to be auctioned off at the event. People can donate a party, solicit local businesses for items or gift certificates, contribute weeks at their second home, or offer a unique experience. The most amazing ones are usually the ones it takes you some time to think up.

Volunteer for the auction: Many hands make light work and there are roles, literally, for every kind of person in our community no matter how busy. Volunteering is a fantastic way to meet and have fun with the people in your community. Have you ever felt like you didn’t know the parent standing next to you at the door to your child’s classroom? Volunteer, and it will be thing of the past. Do you like to hang out at home holding your mug of tea? We have plenty of jobs for you that would contribute dearly to the success of this event.

Parties/Party Wall: A family or three donates a party with a fun theme on a given date to be auctioned off to individual guests. The Party Wall is a popular part of our auction because it offers the chance to attend fun gatherings with friends from school. During the event on March 23, you go to the Party Wall, see a party you want to go to, sign up, and pay for your spot. Kid parties can also be donated and purchased, whereby the donor offers to host a party for a given number of purchaser-selected guests, and the purchaser effectively purchases an entire event.

Silent Auction: Items will be set out at the auction with bid sheets. You apply your bidder number to the items you want to purchase. Keep checking back, because someone else might be outbidding you, or opt for the Buy it NOW option, but where is the fun in that?

Live Auction: Pick a good spot! Beloved auctioneer David Silverman will introduce items and start the bidding. Raise your bidder number to be counted, and fund that dream vacation or project through supporting your kids’ education.

Wine Raffle: Starting in February, the auction team asks families to donate a bottle of wine. During the event we raffle off a huge wine collection. This event is a big hit.

Best of Live Raffle: For a mere $100 buy a 1-in-100 chance to win ANYTHING YOU WANT from the Live Auction. The winning ticket is drawn at the beginning of the Live auction, and you must be present to win.

Game of Chance: Love surprises? Like gambling? For a tiny price buy a glittering star from the magical tree and see what surprise awaits. Your mystery gift bag will hold something wonderful valued at $25 or more, with some big prizes possible.
Suggested Donation Ticket Pricing: Ticket sales to the event provide much needed funding for catering and space and auctioneering, etcetera, but we want everyone in our community to attend. This year we are trying Suggested Donation pricing of $15-85 per ticket. We hope this means you will attend no matter your means, you will give generously to support the event, and that you will invite grandparents, godparents, and special friends interested in supporting your child’s education.

Let’s make some magic happen!