Parent Volunteer From 2018-19

Each family is required to contribute 30 hours of volunteer work per school year.
There are many opportunities to fill these hours. This form lets us know who wants to do what so we can fill our event committees and call on you for school needs! Please fill out one form per parent. 

Note: If you hit Enter before the form is complete, you will have to start over.

Name *
Does your employer match volunteer hours?
Child/Children's level
We often have needs for volunteers with specific skills, expertise or access to resources in various academic subjects to create special learning opportunities for small groups or individual children, or to contribute to volunteer efforts. Do you have hobbies, special skills, expertise, or community connections that you can offer? Examples: a passion for bird watching, expertise in physics or astronomy, include knowing someone who works at city hall and could offer a tour, skills in graphic design that could benefit our annual giving campaign or connections to businesses who could donate to our auction.
Yearly Event Committees
Volunteer fair (September 24th)
Pop-Up Arts Night (November 10th)
Annual Fund (fall/winter)
Winter Gear Swap (December)
Spring Fling Dance (March 2nd)
Teacher appreciation lunch (March 19th)
Pancake Breakfast (April 16th)
Spring Plant Sale (May 1st)
Farm Celebration (May 18th)
New Parent Social (late May)
End of year picnic (June 11th)
End of Year Classroom Clean up (June 12th)
Bike to School Month (May)
Ongoing School Wide Support
Driving (class outings & errands)
drivers will need to complete a special form at the front desk
School Library
Auction Team
Our Biennial Auction will be held during the 2019-20 school year. We will start the planning process in Spring 2019. Please let us know if you would like to help.
Friends of Bright Street
A community effort to support sustainable commuting and a safer neighborhood.
Carpentry and other handy skills
Computers/Technology skills
Graphic Design Skills