Pacific Crest School Annual Fund


The PCS Annual Fund is our school’s largest source of income after tuition.  This fund allows us to provide an excellent education for your child both this school year and into the future.

Each year, parents, grandparents, alumni, parents of alumni, and friends come together to support this school’s important work by contributing to the PCS Annual Fund.  Pacific Crest provides a vibrant and unified Montessori education in which each child is truly known.  Our school weaves together a whole school community for children from 3 years old through early adolescence, on both an urban and a farm campus.  With dedication, care and creativity, our teachers and staff nurture the development of each child’s unique gifts, as well as the vitality of the class and whole school communities.

This year our goal is to raise a total of $100,000 during the PCS Annual Fund campaign, which runs from November 6th through December 14th. We seek 100% participation and ask each family to contribute a meaningful gift, if possible, a gift of $1,000 or more during the course of the five-week campaign. Every donation helps us reach our goal.  

We have different levels of giving to reflect important values of Pacific Crest School and the experiences that we cultivate here for our children:  

  • Joy $10,000 and up

  • Commitment $3,500 and up

  • Confidence $2,500 and up

  • Courage $1,000 and up

  • Discovery $500 and up

  • Love up to $499

Gifts to the PCS Annual Fund at all levels make a difference in the life of each student at our school, and gifts of $1,000 or above are important in allowing us to reach our annual goal.  Each family’s donation also serves to strengthen our community’s sense of common purpose and reflects our shared commitment to providing the best opportunities for our children.

Making a gift online is fast, easy, and secure. Using the button below. Your generosity is greatly appreciated! 

Our daughter gets so much from her school, and we are so grateful that Pacific Crest is here to give her all this.   

We know that Pacific Crest relies on the donations to the Annual Fund to be able to provide this extraordinary education for all of our children.  Our donations are needed to fuel this full experience, so make your Annual Fund contribution today!

- Ada Hamilton, mother of a 3rd grader

Pacific Crest has been a lot more than just a school for my family. I hope the same is true for yours.  For our children’s and teacher’s development, let's step forward and give generously and help the school achieve 100% participation.

- Hakso Kim and Minsoo Doo, parents of  a 3rd grader


All Annual Fund donations are tax-deductible. Stock transfers, securities, and employer matches are also accepted in your gift total. Below are a few more ways you can donate.

To me, it seems like Maria Montessori was able to understand the inherent humanity of children and the inherent need for humans to learn and grow from a place of internal motivation. For me, this is the true genius of the Montessori approach; children are humans. To be happy, they need to be adequately and humanely supported in learning.
So that’s why we’re part of the Pacific Crest community of supportive teachers and adults, to do the difficult and intensely human work of raising up a child well, into a functioning, alert, curious and joyful adult.
-Tim Tucker and Manuela Fisher, parents of a 6th grader


An easy way to double or even triple your contribution is through employee matching programs. Many corporations match employee donations to our school. 



A gift of securities is accomplished by transferring stock electronically to the school's brokerage account. The value of your gift and tax deduction is the mean price of the stock on the date of transfer. Please email for stock transfer instructions.



If you wish to sign up for recurring monthly or quarterly payments please email



If you would like to make a pledge or make your donation in person, please stop by the front desk and fill out a donation form. And if you have any additional questions about giving please for more info.