Connections from Dorrie... November 4th

Hello parents,

Last night, in response to the school’s doorbell, I found myself face to face with a noble Greek scholar, robed in emerald silk, deep in thought behind the luminescent surface of oils on canvas.  The cheerful young artist, a friend of a parent, had come to deliver her three beautiful paintings.  We walked to the Middle School building together, where we saw dozens more works of art carefully propped up along the perimeter of the big room.

Pop Up Arts Night is an endeavor imbued with and defined by the values that Pacific Crest holds dearly: community, work, reverence for the whole personality and joy.  All of our parents and many community members contribute their energy and their unique talents to create, participate in and enjoy this extraordinary evening.  The arts, in themselves, offer us unique questions to ponder in silence or in conversation; art can invite us to engage with the creative minds of one another.  And this event, this labor of love, also allows us to meet, thank and stay connected to those artists in our community who donate their work to us during auction years.  In this event, we come together for a wonderful party; we discover and enjoy works of beauty or intrigue together; and we support and celebrate both the artists and artisans of our parent and extended community.

Last night, after the young artist submitted her work and took time to explore and delight in the opportunities that our art studio offers our students, our small team of parent craftsmen had just begun to install rafters and lights from the ceiling.  The panels that will become gallery walls lay in wait for the next phase of construction.  This morning, as I write this, a new crew of parents is hanging and labeling the hundreds of art pieces that will have arrived by now.  On Saturday, local artisans will arrive and display their fine, hand made gift items; volunteers will fill trays of hors d'oeuvres and concoct the evening signature drinks.  By tomorrow evening, our school rooms will have been transformed into both a refined boutique and an elegant venue in which you too can meet and consult the noble scholar, consider his mood, and tell me, how on Earth did she create flesh, form and spirit, just so.

With much gratitude for all of that has been done and all that awaits us,

Dorrie Knapp Guy

Head of School