Being a Pacific Crest School parent means becoming an important member of a community. We take pride in how we welcome new families, how we care for our children, and how serious we are about sustaining our school for future generations. We know that most schools are proud of their community involvement, but ours is just a bit different, and that difference is what sets us apart. Whether big or small, your generous involvement  helps to create the community that all of us at Pacific Crest value so highly. Become Involved!

“Being a Parent Coordinator has been a rewarding experience. Working along side a group of talented, caring, innovative, and above all, giving parents has enriched my community spirit and allowed me to help our culture of community thrive.”
— PCS Elementary Parent

Our parents . . .

  • Observers in the classroom, which we encourage them to do at least once a year.

  • Volunteers supporting the classrooms and the school, or on the farm. Each family is asked to commit 30 hours of volunteer time each year. We welcome, chaperons, cooks, carpenters, musicians, gardeners, event planners and computer gurus to name a few.

  • Guests at a Classroom Tea, an Open House, a Farm Celebration or at the Middle School play.

  • Students at Community Education events as well as at Parent-Teacher conferences.

  • Financial Supporters of Pacific Crest. Every family is expected to donate to the Annual Fund Drive and all are encouraged to offer support of our Auction and other fundraising efforts.