Our Community

When you come to our Bright Street campus you are immediately aware that you have entered a magical place - full of life and energy with a clear sense of purpose and commitment to community.
— Jacquie Maughan, Founder of Pacific Crest School

At Pacific Crest, we work together to maintain a safe, respectful and joyful environment where students learn to balance the freedom and responsibility that comes with being active participants in their community. Each classroom and common area is a thoughtfully prepared environment centered around shared spaces and tools maintained by the students. Mixed-age classrooms allow students to both be mentored and become mentors — a micro-community within itself. The focus on the child’s growth with respect to and in relationship with the community is an essential part of educating the whole child — for life.

Our entire community shares the common spaces of our campus wrapped around the outdoor gardens and courtyard that invite all to find a place to work, play, reflect and enjoy the life of the children. As you enter the buildings you enter another welcoming space for all — a gallery that features the work of the students and a space that welcomes children to join their respective communities and parents to stop for a few moments each day to catch up with one another and share in the activities of the school community. It is this profound belief in the life of the entire school community that defines Pacific Crest School.