Farm Update November 2016

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The wet weather has returned and here on the farm we are wrapping up many kinds of farm work better suited to drier conditions.  We have finished pulling, tilling, composting our summer-planted fields and they now have a lovely covering of green manure (cover crop).  We have cleared the greenhouses of peppers and sweet potatoes and have planted all of our overwintering greens.   Think fresh lettuce, spinach and mustards in February!  We’ve pulled up thousands of feet of drip irrigation and hoses, no need for those anymore!  

We’ve wrapped up the tree nut harvest and have already sold out of hazelnuts!  They were harvested primarily by our elementary students (thank you!) and are always a favorite at our market and farm stand.  Our chestnut harvest is nearly 150 lbs. and these are selling well thanks to a new chestnut roaster who is selling at our market.  Once customers can taste a freshly roasted chestnut, they almost always want to buy some for themselves!

This weekend will be our final Farmers Market of the season.  We have been in town every Saturday since April 2, that’s 34 weeks!  Saturday mornings we arrive to the Village Green by 8:30 am to set up our booth and be ready to sell our produce from 10-2pm.  On Wednesday evenings from June thru early September we also sell produce and flowers as part of smaller, food only market.  The market is a large part of the farm’s income and we enjoy getting a chance to connect with valuable customers and meet new ones.  Our island market is small but lively and diverse and always worth a visit.  We’ll be back at it early next April!  

We had some lovely visits from the primary students late last month.  They came out to explore the farm and collect a carving pumpkin.  They all enjoyed a work period either harvesting nuts or shelling dry beans.  They enthusiasm and joy for the farm is contagious!

We hope you’ve been enjoying the middle school farm stand at school.  We’ve had a great year so far!  The students have been very organized and engaged in the process.  They are planning on one more market after Thanksgiving and then they’ll be breaking until late spring when the farm starts up again with fresh greens!