Education for Life

Pacific Crest School offers a Montessori learning environment for children from three years of age continuing through the eighth grade. 

Our classrooms and our school community are based upon:

  • Respectful and caring environments

  • Commitment to the support of human development

  • Belief in the potential of each and every child

  • Support on the path to independence

Montessori Education for Life combines the child’s natural love of life and learning with the values of hard work and self-discipline. Our students leave Pacific Crest with a capacity for self-knowledge, independence and the ability to chart their course to adulthood. A cornerstone of Montessori philosophy is the understanding that humans progress through stages of development. The program levels at Pacific Crest reflect these stages of development by meeting the needs and interests that are unique to each developmental level.


Our school was founded in 1985. From that initial class of 25 children located in a church basement, we have grown to a school of over 200 located on our beautiful urban campus on Bright Street. In 2003 we acquired our Farm on Vashon Island. Our students now extend their learning and their sense of place to include both the urban and rural neighborhoods.

Pacific Crest is accredited through the Northwest Association of Accredited Schools(NAAS). The accreditation process requires a six year cycle of self study that involves initial consultations with Pacific Crest staff, NAAS consultants, outside educators, and current and former parents. Selected areas of study become the focus of ongoing work during the six year cycle.

All of Pacific Crest’s primary and elementary teachers are trained through AMI training centers. Our Middle School teachers attend Montessori trainings for the adolescent level; these are offered by the North American Montessori Teachers Association (NAMTA) in partnership with AMI.